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That’s right. The Two Old Farts want to interview you for one of our Season 2 shows!

All our interviews involve zero cost or obligation on your behalf.

Are you at the bottom of the totem pole?

Want to be famous and get to the top?

Then we’re not your guys!

If you want to be slightly famous and reach mediocrity on the fame chart,
then we are your guys you should let interview you!

With our global followers ( we are not saying we have a lot, but people follow us from all around the world ),
speaking with us could propel you right to the middle, ( ok so it’s the middle – middle) of fame chart success.

So what are you waiting for?

Or are you just happy to be less famous than you already are?


So join us and promote your Art, Music, Organization or just shamelessly promote yourself.

Shows are recorded live online so nothing is edited.
( because we aren’t clever enough to work out how to do that ).

So basically everything we talk about will be included in the YouTube broadcast.

You also free to share your interview(s) via your own social media outlets.

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