Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates – Part 2 : What about those NFT’s ?

Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates – Part 2 : What about those NFT’s ?

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Keir Finlow-Bates aka BlockchainGandalf. In Part Two of our interview we speak about, #smartcontracts , #tiffany , #nfttiff, #royalties , #music, #artists, #nftart , #rights, #intellectualpropertylaw ,#intellectualpropertyrights .#gasfees #noisepandaworld , #twooldfartsmakingnoises, #digitalcurrency , #fiat ,#moonbirds ,

You don’t want to miss this, if you think you know NFT and alike …you don’t!

Dr. Keir Finlow-Bates is a blockchain researcher, software developer, and an inventor with over 40 patents to his name.

He is the author of Move Over Brokers Here Comes The Blockchain, a book which covers the topic in a manner that is both entertaining and accessible to the uninitiated, without glossing over technical or economic aspects.

His YouTube channel provides approximately seven hundred short videos where he explains blockchain through the use of analogies while walking through the Finnish forests. This earned him the nickname “Blockchain Gandalf” from his subscribers, which he has subsequently adopted on other social media platforms.

Keir holds an MA in mathematics and information engineering from Cambridge University,  and a PhD in mathematics and education from London South Bank University.

After a brief stint as a mathematics lecturer he entered the software engineering industry, where his roles have included: security tester for Citrix Systems, operations manager for a Xerox product division, test automation engineer for 3D modeling engines at Electronic Data Systems, and test manager for satellite navigation software at Qualcomm.

In 2016 he founded his own blockchain company (Chainfrog Oy) to develop blockchain/database interfacing software. The company currently owns 13 blockchain patents, but could not gain market traction with its product.

He has released many open source software repositories on Github, including code for submarining NFT images on the IPFS, generating vanity contract addresses on Ethereum, and determining how many transactions are ahead of yours in the Bitcoin mempool.

Keir currently provides blockchain consultancy and software development services, and has worked on projects such as payment tracking software for music royalties, health records management in the veterinary industry, technological solutions for intellectual property rights protection on a European Space Agency project, and has deployed numerous bespoke fungible and non-fungible token contracts.

He was born in Australia, grew up in Austria and the Netherlands, but is a dual British/New Zealand national. He lives in Finland with his wife and eight children, none of whom have left home yet.


Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +358 44 0101 893

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keirf/

Telegram: https://t.me/blockchaingandalf

Discord: https://discordapp.com/users/kf106#9893



YouTube channel:


List of granted patents: https://tinyurl.com/2p89yz52

Company website: https://www.chainfrog.com

LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keirf/

Ropsten Ether faucet: https://www.moonborrow.com/

Blockchain spoof site: https://www.lobotomy.fi/


Selected Publications

Finlow-Bates, K (2021), “Scansatevi Brokers Arriva La Blockchain” (Italian edition), ISBN: 8725348668,  https://mybook.to/scansatevi

Finlow-Bates, K (2020), “Move Over Brokers Here Comes The Blockchain”, ISBN: 1688289976, https://mybook.to/moveover

Bjerke, B., Finlow-Bates, K. (2020), “Decoupling Bitcoins from Their Transaction History Using the Coinbase Transaction”, https://tinyurl.com/3jw2fcdd

Finlow-Bates, K. (2017), “Adding Trust to CAP: Blockchain as a Strong Eventual Consistency Recovery Strategy”, https://tinyurl.com/2p8rmrzj

Finlow-Bates, K. (2016), “A Lightweight Blockchain Consensus Protocol”, https://tinyurl.com/snsjrc6x

Finlow-Bates, K (2009), “Investigating Notions Of Proof”, ISBN: 9529262922, https://getbook.at/proofnotions




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