Azu : The Tea Lady & Owner Of Teazsol Teas

Azu : The Tea Lady & Owner Of Teazsol Teas

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Teazsol was born in Kemah Texas to share our passion for herbal teas that are simple, free of artificial flavors and ingredients. We grew up drinking tea and running. After each long run, there was always an ice cold cup of Hibiscus tea! That was the best cold drink ever!
Later on our lives, we discovered that tea was not only delicious but it also had relaxing and accelerating effects on the body.
Black/Green teas will help you to keep going, energized and alert.
But if you need to slow down, Tisanes (Herbal Teas) will always help you to relax. And most recently, we understood, that we enjoy brewing tea leaves at the end of the day to relax with a hot or cold cup of tea. However we realized hat during the day, we didn’t have the time to steep our delicious handcrafted tea blends.
For this reason, we sought for other simple, and practical ways to prepare a cup of tea, and finally discovered Matcha. TeazSol Teas teaches others the natural benefits of tea, to live healthier and active lives, to enjoy more simple, more…

Our packaging is always compact to reduce the waste and the negative impact to the environment. Some of our packaging is even biodegradable,   
creating zero waste!

All our ingredients are compostable and are used in our own garden.

Our herbs and tea blends are simple, natural, free of artificial ingredients and many of them are grown in our garden.

Our tea components and accessories are made of bamboo which is a highly sustainable plant. Bamboo has natural renewing  properties since it can grow to a full size in just 3 months!
Sustainability and Simplicity
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